How do I register a Trademark?

Trademark registration is a complex process which needs to be done properly from its start to its intermediate stages up till the final steps.

Preparing your trademark submission requires specific knowledge about Trademark Law, allocating of goods and services into their proper classes and ideally a many years professional experience in the field of Trademark Registration.

The Trademark House Intellectual Property experts have this knowledge and experience. Making use of their expertise can prevent many pittfalls and disappointments that you may otherwise be faced with.

Our Attorneys will study and analyse your business in order to develop a strategy which your business would suit best.

They will discuss this with you and the final specification will be compiled. With your approval the trademark will be submitted to the official registry.

Once your trademark application is submitted to the official registry, an examiner will check that it meets the demands of the Trade Marks Act, a search is conducted to compare with any already existing trademarks of similarity to ensure there are no conflicts.

A report will be compiled showing any discrepancies in the application and one attempt will be allowed to overcome earlier marks.

The registrar will then advertise the application for a minimum of 2 months in order to allow opposition from third parties.

If there are no objections during this period, then the trademark will be registered from the date of filing.