How do I register a Trademark?

Here at Trademark House we will take you through this process online with a few easy steps. When you begin your registration with us, we will ensure that your application is filed with the relevant registry. When you have chosen whether you want your trademark to be covered in the UK and/or the EU we will conduct a review and give you advice on your application. A specification will be compiled and after approval from you the trademark will be submitted to the registry. If there are any objections, we will highlight them to you, once that is accepted and there no no further objection, the trademark will be registered.

Once the online trademark registration is finished, it will then be checked that it meets the demands of the Trade Marks Act, a search is conducted to compare with any already existing trademarks of similarity to ensure there are no conflicts. A report will be compiled showing any discrepancies in the application and one attempt will be allowed to overcome earlier marks. The registrar will then advertise the application for a minimum of 2 month in order to allow opposition from third parties. If there are no objections after the trademark application has been advertised, then it will be registered from the date of filing.

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