Trademark classes, what are they?

Trademarks are categorised according to the products or services which they cover. Currently there are 45 trademark classes, these include every possible product or service available, there are 34 for goods and 11 for services. However because of this trademark classes can be very complex and must be continually amended and updated. It is essential that the database you are using to conduct your search on trademarks is up to date.

Trademarks must be filed into one or more of the 45 classes, and each class is a representative of a group of products & services that are considered to be in the same area's of trade. You should take note that many classes are relatable to each other. The groupings of these classes include similar products or services making them difficult to understand. Using our service we help simplify this process, making sure that your application prior to filing cover the appropriate trademarks classes now and for any future endeavours you may plan on undertaking, as once your trademark is registered, you cannot alter it in any way..

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